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Prefabricated WC &Shower

Toilet and shower Cabin units are ideal for a wide range of businesses, including construction sites where there is a legal requirement to provide welfare facilities,Other options include steel multi-cubicle toilet and shower cabin units, perfect for tough environments, and the container toilet which delivers water and energy-saving features.Production of ready-to-use, fast, long-lasting container wc with shower toilet to use both economic and practical solutions. Our demountable sanitary Cabin structures are produced in single and multi-unit plans like closets, showers, urinals, and disabled toilets (WC), according to customer preferences.

Features of Cabin House’s prefabricated WC & shower Cabins :
❖ Does not need a civil foundation necessarily, as they can be placed on a flat surface.
❖ No maintenance work is required.
❖ Our toilets come with complete finishing work, so there is no painting needed on delivery.
❖ Smoke detectors, and firefighting equipment, come installed.
❖ Weather, leak, and earthquake resistant and durable.