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Prefabricated Site Office

The demand for workspace is ever increasing with new workforce joining every year. Building a permanent office needs a lot of time, effort, and cost. However, if there is a demand for space, it has to be built. To iron out the financial strain on companies, the concept of a portable site office was conceived. Portable offices have been around for several years now and cater to a wide range of different industries. It is particularly popular in those business sectors that need their staff to move around frequently. Such organizations always stick to their choices of having prefabricated and portable site offices than building permanent ones. The reason is self-explanatory. It saves them time and proves affordable.

Features of portable site office:
Custom Built and prefabricated construction with wall cladding options of PUF Insulated Panels / EPS Insulated panels / Rockwool.
It is possible to build walls of different heights as per requirements and specifications.
Lightweight panels are easy to lift and install, which makes transportation easy.
Large glass partitions can be installed to increase the aesthetic appeal.
It is possible to have smoke detectors, firefighting equipment, and ACs fitted in these portable offices for a comfortable and snug working environment.
At Cabin House Co, we build custom-designed portable site offices that are easy to transport, have optimum weight, and are durable. We use the best quality raw materials for construction, with the process being supervised by a team of professionals. Quality check is done thoroughly following guidelines before the product is delivered.